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What is RECUE and a Music Cue Sheet?

Very simply , a music cue sheet is a reporting form which logs the usage of music within various types of Productions , Stage Shows , Audio Visual Presentations , Radio broadcasts, Television broadcasts and various others.
Based on music cue sheet information, publishers , artists , composers and musicians are paid royalties for the use of their musical works in these various productions.
In the past , this was a manual process , whereby a production secretary or the like would have to fill in the relevant information on the music cue sheet.
Enter RECUE. The RECUE service is a web based , music cue sheet generator which employs various time saving methods and systems to facilitate the accurate and speedy completion of music cue sheets. In some cases, a large part of the process is completely automated which is a huge time saver.
Currently the main system is free to end users who simply need to log and submit their cue sheets to the various interested parties involved. The system has customizable and preset delivery mechanisms which are expanded regularly. If you are a large organisation which would like a more comprehensive interface for RECUE , please contact us. We can customize a solution for you.
For the rest , just enjoy simplified music cue sheet reporting.

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